All About Adaptor

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The adapter is needed in daily activities. Television can live because there are adapter. Live radio because there are adapters, there is also a washing machine having a control adapter, especially electronics, such as the brand Philips, Toshiba.

The adapter is a tool to lower voltage AC (alternating current) to DC voltage (direct current). Electricity was installed in the house AC power. There are two kinds of adapters, the adapter multi-output and single output. There are also several types of special adapter on the computer are known as adapter (adapter) video.

Multi adapter output voltage more and can be selected in accordance with the purposes, such as, 0.5 volts, 3 volts, 5 volts, 7 volts, 10 volts, 12 volts. 24 volts. Multi-output adapter used for electronic control in television, DVD player, computer, radio tape, and other household appliance.

The existence of various voltage is adjust the size of the power needed. Single output (a voltage) to recharge cell phone battery (5 volt), laptops (19 volts), a digital camera (3.7 Volt).

Adapter single output is applied to the industry. This adapter is used to control electronic engine controllers, such as PLC (programmable logic control) and inverter (a device for changing the electrical frequency of the AC to DC). Inverter does not change the voltage, but the frequency. The goal is to save electricity by 40%. Single-output adapter in addition to use by the general public is also used by the electronic workshops, for example, repairing televisions, radios, computers.

This distinguishes the adapter is the size of the ampere (strong currents). Ampere indicates the size of the power required, for example, 0.5 amperes, 3 amperes, 5 amperes, 10 amperes, 12 amperes. Each adapter is not interchangeable use. That is, can not for the mobile phone charger to charge the laptop because of the small amperenya.

Adapter is very varied forms, there is a box, some with wires, there are embedded directly into electric power (AC). Adjust its size with the size of amperes. Amperenya increasingly large, physically adapter form the greater because in it there are rolls or gumparan email.

But make no mistake, there is a charger that does not function as an adapter. For example, the mobile emergency charger. Charger is often used by travelers or backpackers, just move the contents to a dry battery cell phone battery. Because the dry battery will run out, then this charger adapter does not have such traits. After doing its job, the adapter does not run out of energy.

Energy source there is an adapter that uses solar power. Power source not from the PLN, but from the sun.

A special adapter in use on the computer or better known by the name of the video adapter or video controller is used for video signals to video display via a cable. The location of the video adapters in the system are usually the main board or on an additional board but can also as part of the terminal.

Examples of these types of adapters, among others, are: CGA; MCGA; MDA; VGA.CGA, Color / Graphics Adapter, introduced by IBM in 1981; EGA, Enhanced Graphics Adapter, IBM introduced in 1984. Able to emulsify EGA CGA and MDA as well as providing multiple video modes.

MCGA, Multi-Color Graphics Array, a video adapter that is inserted into the IBM PS / 2 Model 25 and 30. MDA Monochrome Display Adapter. Video adapter that was introduced in 1981, has only one character mode, ie having 25 lines and 80 characters per line with the underline, blinking, high intensity and character.

VGA Video Graphics Array, an adapter that was introduced by IBM in 1987. VGA video modes to duplicate all of the EGA (Enhanced Graphics Adapter) and adds a few more modes. The most famous is the graph of two graphs modes: one to support 640 horizontal pixels times the 480 vertical pixels with 2 or 16 colors simultaneously.