Radio Inspires the World of Entertainment

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"On the radio .. I hear your favorite song ... "

Ever heard the lyrics in a song? That's the first lyrics of the song "Kugadaikan Love," which was sung by Alm. Gombloh. Not only that, the lyrics about the Radio are also in the song The Cors with the title "Radio", in bring with merdunya by the band's vocalist, Andrea Jane.
"So ... I listen to the radio
And all the songs We used to know
So I listen to the radio
Remember Where We used to go ... "
Music is a lot we can find on the radio, mp3, tapes etc.. Music and radio have a bond of inter-related. Many who love music but still few know how to work, history and development of radio.

Development of Radio
Utilize technology in a working radio signal sender in the form of electromagnetic radiation waves are also modulated. Modulation can be interpreted as a change process that can produce a periodic wave signal that can carry a message or information.

While the waves of electromagnetic radiation is one of the transverse wave. Electric and magnetic fields to make a combination and then pass through a chamber which causes the formation of waves of electromagnetic radiation. Radio was first discovered by a young Italian Named Gugliemo Marconi, 1895.

Marconi was originally believed that electromagnetic waves are invisible to propagate through the air by utilizing the speed of sound in the experiments conducted by Heinrich Hertz, can be used to send information to the signs that can traverse long distances by relying on the speed of sound.

Radio was first used as a sender of messages and news to the ships at sea. Radio also ultimately help save the passengers and crew S. S. Republic that were damaged and sunk in 1909. Since then, the use of radio is very important to the field of maritime affairs even in the event of war.

Radio function of an increasingly diverse
The more time passes, more and more diverse radio functions. Starting from the transmitter of news, entertainment media (music, voiceover, mp3, cassette, etc.), to help research, military, helping police duties and various other functions. This wire-free communication that ultimately come to inspire invention of the television.

So instead of things that need to be refuted again if in the end the radio part of the world inspire a lot of entertainment that we can enjoy all this.