How to Use Washing Machine Tool Electronics

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One objective of the instrument electronics products is to facilitate our work. Electronics products that include the washing machine. Washing machines are created to cope with the hassles we wash clothes manually. For that, it is important for us to use those tools properly. Washing machine, as well as other electronic equipment, have rules that allow the use of these tools work optimally and preserved from damage.

The many types of washing machines may have different technologies, but has the features and the same basic purpose. They all need the right setting, soap, water, and clothes to wash. There are some things we need to know to use the washing machine properly. Follow the steps below.

Read the Instructions Manual
Each product is always accompanied by electronic appliance manuals, as well as the washing machine. Read carefully the instructions. These instructions are designed specifically for your machine. If you do not have a clue, read the label on your washing machine control button to get an idea of ​​what to do.

Sort Your Clothes
You have to separate the white clothes and colored clothes. Do not mix these two types of clothes in a pile of laundry. This is to avoid the water dye color stick and damage the fabric of white underwear.

Give Enough Space
Place the clothes into the washing machine tube. Make sure the tube filled no more than three-quarters. It aims to provide sufficient space on the clothes during the washing process begins. The tubes are too full will hinder motion machine that the result will not be maximal. It also can cause electronic equipment is easily damaged.

Add Detergent
Add detergent to the washing machine as directed. When to add and how much of proportion. You can add bleach or softener other simultaneously. Or read the instructions on how to use fabric softener

Select Settings
Turn on the washer and select load settings. Set also the water temperature. Use cold water for colored clothing so as not to fade and prevent clothes shrinking. Heavily soiled items should be washed with hot water or warm water setting. Then, close the lid on the washer, and let the washing machine to do the process

Tips and Warnings:
Consider the following tips and warnings in using electronic equipment washer.

- Do not leave coins, nails, screws or anything in your pocket while putting on the washing machine. These objects can cause damage or even puncture a hole in the tube.

- Do not wash items that have been seen or soaked with a flammable substance. They can burn or explode.

- If you are going for a long time, turn off the machine by unplugging the cord.

- If your washing machine is not used for at least two weeks, turn on the machine before use with hot water temperature. It aims to release hydrogen gas tube attached to your washing machine.