Choose the Right Camera Bag

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Now, the camera is so close to our lives. If when we go to a place or an event, we will almost certainly bring a camera to capture the moment in pictures.

However, many cameras are still too large to fit into pants or shirt pocket. Therefore, we need a camera bag. Moreover, if our camera is equipped with equipment of other appliances, such as data cables, replacement lenses, lens cleaner, and others.

In order for our camera safe from damage inside the bag, then we need to choose the right bag and the right way to use it. Here are tips on how to choose the right camera bag.

1. Appropriate size Bag

Get your camera bag with the right size. Choose a bag that is capable of carrying a camera as well as equipment or accessories. You may not always use all the accessories, but you also never know when to use it. The best way is to bring all the complementary accessories in one bag.

2. Choose Bag with Plenty of Room

One characteristic of a good camera bag is to have a lot of space. This is to save the camera parts separately. If you remove the lens, remove the battery, and other parts and then store in a single room in the bag, it was a big mistake. Because at the time was taken, parts of the camera will rub against each other directly. This could result in damage.

Instead, store the camera parts separately. For this reason, the camera bag with lots of space is more advisable to choose from.

3. Made bags and strappy Strong

Bags should be roped sturdy, but not stiff. Strong rope that will avoid the possibility of break up when the bag was taken. Likewise with the material. A good material is not only resistant to wear and tear, but also resistant to scratches. Leather bag with pretty good at it.

4. Close and Convenient Aperture

A good camera bag should also be easily opened and closed easily as well. That is, access to / take it easy, as well as access to store it back in the bag.

For easy and comfortable, hook and loop method is often used. But to get the cap and opening the safe, strong zippers also often be an option. Zippers are used if you're using a camera with inactivity.

5. Waterproof

Make sure you choose a camera bag resistant to water. If you rain or other matters relating to the wetness, keep your camera safe. Check every room in the bag. Usually the waterproof bag lined with aluminum foil or the like. Also make sure there are no other material, such as buttonholes, which could be breached by the water.

Well, hopefully by choosing the right camera bag, you can secure the camera from damage. Price camera is not cheap. Maintaining that there is better than always buying new ones. Welcome to choose!